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It's time to take a deep, calming breath...

This time is for you to carve out a new you, reconnect to yourself, regain strength and energy and thrive. 

Become your healthiest and best self.

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I’m Kate - mum of 2, yoga teacher, core and pelvic floor specialist. My mission is to get women feeling great in their own body, no matter what stage of life: pregnancy, postnatal, menopausal or anywhere in between. 

As a yoga teacher and core and pelvic floor trainer, I love blending these disciplines together as part of a holistic model of care. The breath, core and pelvic floor work together for optimal health. 


Yoga increases strength and flexibility, and improves posture and balance. The breath can help restore core function - as you inhale diaphragmatically, the pelvic floor muscles naturally lengthen out and down, and poses like child’s pose can also relieve tightness. 


Yoga improves the mind-body connection and decreases our fight-flight response; the pelvic floor responds best when the nervous system is balanced and we are calm. 


I teach friendly, relaxed classes that bring women together to enhance wellness and build a supportive community, with a strong focus on core and pelvic floor rehabilitation. 


Restore the Pelvic Floor

1 in 4 of us will get leaking and pain but this is not the price you pay for becoming a mum or indeed being a woman.

Do NOT put up with leaking, pain, heaviness, constipation or haemorrhoids.


Pelvic floor dysfunction though common is not normal, it is treatable and preventable with the right help.

Work with me using a full body, holistic foot-first approach. Tailored, person-centred, holistic  lessons designed specifically to your symptoms, needs and goals. 

Our Clients

We love to hear from our clients, check out our Google Reviews here

"I always feel so much better"

Brilliant mum and baby yoga class. Kate is always happy to hold a baby to make sure you can make the most of the class - and I always feel so much better for taking the time for myself (and my daughter also enjoys it). Highly recommend.



Diastasis Recti

The Breathe Principle™ is a 7-Step Plan to follow to help you fix your diastasis recti. It is not a 'spot fix'  

because assessing, treating and rehabilitating a new mum for abdominal separation needs to move away just doing tummy exercises.


It needs a broader, full-body approach to get your system working and functioning in a more optimal way.


My 7 Steps to Fixing Abdominal Separation method is based on a whole-body, ‘everything working as one’, proper unit-type system....


....that gets results!

Our Services

Kate runs yoga classes throughout the week, across multiple styles in various settings.
She also offers private tuition for both yoga and corrective pre/postpartum exercise. 

After Yoga Class


Skel Yoga runs classes throughout the week, across multiple styles from Open (suitable for all), Slow Flow to Dynamic Flow as well as specialist Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga.

Classes are taught both in person and virtually, with options to attend a group setting or have private tuition in your home or workplace.

Pre-natal Services

Get birth ready!

In our weekly group classes you will learn breath, meditation and visualization techniques to keep you calm and centered. You will also learn all about functional movement for everyday life to help ease pregnancy aches and pains, prepare your body for labour with wonderful flows suitable for all trimesters,  and learn active birthing poses that will ease baby’s passage into the world.

You can also work with me 1:1 for a tailored program to suit your exact stage, gain a better and deeper understanding of your body and enjoy your pregnancy.

This is the time to get in touch with your ever-changing body, build strength and release tension. Enjoy being active during your pregnancy while prioritizing rest and relaxation.. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman
Mother and Baby

Post-natal Services

Strong and calm before birth, strong and calm after birth.


Our weekly Mum and baby yoga class involves gentle postnatal exercises, focusing especially on the abdominal area, pelvic floor and posture as well as yoga poses, stretches and massage for baby.


We advance your poses week on week and once ready we progressively load the core to strengthen and regain full functionality and strength.


You can also work with me 1:1 for a tailored program to radically rehabilitate your pelvic floor, abdominals and posture.


This is the time to honour yourself in your new role as mother, listen to your body’s needs, and find your way back to yourself. 

Private 1:1 Sessions

You can pick and choose the time to suit your schedule.

You can practice in the comfort of your home.


You decide what the focus of the class will be- be it a pose you want to achieve (ie.headstand) or a body part to focus on (ie. Upper body) or just focus on relaxation, meditation and breathwork.

You can work on your confidence with the poses before joining a group class.

You can get very tailored adjustments and tweaks to ensure you do not harm yourself and are properly aligned throughout.



Check out my further resources below

Learn about foods that help heal, discover my downloadable pregnancy and postnatal e-books, purchase a class recording  or book for a FREE 30 minute discovery call 


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