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Core Restore

"A strong core will improve your technique, strength, and stamina, and compliment everything you do."
-Susan Trainor 

Do you have a weak core? Do you get a lot of back pain? Do you feel you bulge/dome when lifting or when exercising? You could have ab separation or diastasis recti.


The separation of the abdominal muscles is caused by thinning of the fascia between your muscles, often caused by too much pressure due to a growing baby.


But diastasis does not discriminate some children have it and many men with a 'beer gut' or exercising incorrectly have it. If you have a vertical bulge that appears when you do a crunch or get up from sitting or lying then you have ab separation.

Left untreated diastasis recti can lead to poor core stabilization, pelvic floor dysfunction, back and pelvic pain.


One of the best ways to fix diastasis recti is to lower the intra-abdominal pressure, and you can do that by realigning your body and finding good posture. On top of this, when we work together we design a programme tailored to you and your experiences and issues that will include:

How you breathe


How you move and align yourself daily


How to engage  your true core correctly 


How to relieve tension in the shoulders and jaw 


How to eat right

How to nurture a healing mindset

Basic exercises that will progress as you build on your strength and functionality

Together we will work on a 1:1 program tailored to your specific needs so you can move better,

feel better and get stronger.

What to Expect


Learn how to stack your bones to  for greater mobility, comfort and freedom

Knit back together

Close the gap  by knitting back together those separated abs and regain core strength.

Feel strong

Feel strong in your body and get back to full functionality. Say goodbye to back pain and fear and say hello again to all the high impact activities you love doing.

Kate is an inspiring yoga teacher in Pangbourne and has a lovely home studio where you're made to feel so welcome.   Kate also offers classes in and around Berkshire.  Kate teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. I feel safe

A Mitchell

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