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Corporate Classes

"I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business" Richard Branson

Corporate yoga classes are a great option as they are popular with staff whilst also providing value to the business. 


They represent a low-cost way of addressing many workplace challenges such as stress, fatigue and back pain. 

It is the ideal antidote to office stress and strain and boosts wellbeing and productivity. Employees who do yoga at lunchtime report feeling much more energized and productive in the afternoon.


I have worked with Asda Head Office, Alan Newnham Photography, Little Mistress, Fever, London, Screenskills, PACT and Pangbourne College and taught both chair and mat classes in person and online. 

Classes can be tailored to suit your break times and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. They incorporate flowing sequences with longer held poses/ stretches and always include relaxation and breathing techniques to help de-stress and energise you. You can book a workplace yoga on-site or virtually online.

How it works:

Capacity: 10 in person or up to 30 online

Duration: Decided by you

Equipment: Online (you provide mats) In person I bring all equipment

Available: Worldwide

What to Expect


Escape for a moment of yoga and get a chance to move, breathe, connect to yourself, relax your mind and re-energise your body.

Boost Morale 

Build a healthier more engaged workforce. Exercise improves focus, reduces employee burnout, reduces absenteeism and the dangers of sedentary lifestyle. Workplace fitness also fosters teamwork and cooperation.

Move, Breathe, Connect

Yoga keeps employees fit, healthy and flexible in body and mind. After class, your team will notice improved posture, reduced stress and greater concentration, energy and happiness.

Has a holistic approach to teaching and is very approachable & ego-less... highly recommend!


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