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Yoga Class

Karma Kids Yoga 

"Yoga is an exploration of mind, body and imagination through play" Author Unknown

I have worked with Langtree School, Bradfield College, Bradfield Primary, Grantham Farm Montessori School, Whitchurch Preschool, Harriet House Montessori School , Pangbourne College,  and Mapledurham Golf and Country Club to deliver classes to kids aged 3-18.


Since training in Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Yogabeez in 2019, I have immensely enjoyed taking my teachings to local schools and clubs in the area and loved combining story telling with games, asana, breathwork and meditation and making it accessible and fun to teens and much younger audiences. We practice maths making shapes with our bodies and counting the pose hold, make letters with a partner, practice phonics, languages and geography... the opportunities are endless. Children find the magic in Yoga and we go on our own magical adventure in every class!


If you’re interested in having after school yoga or joining a local children’s class contact me here


Things we do in class:

Yoga to stories or themes

Yoga games

Partner yoga poses

Traditional asana



Yoga nidra


Mindful crafts and arts

What to Expect

Enhance Learning

The possibilities for integrating yoga into the curriculum are endless. Classes can explore a huge range of topics into easily digestible nuggets, enhancing the learning experience for children of all ages

Find Connection

Each yoga pose gives students a way for them to connect with themselves in this over-stimulated world. Yoga gives them that unique 'switch off' so needed in our modern day. 

Stretch and Unwind

Find magic and go on a unique adventure in every class with a fun flow and guided visualisations that take you on a "journey" to a peaceful place.

In the short time that he's been coming to your sessions the difference when he comes out is so very noticeable, its actually quite amazing! He's so relaxed and talks about things on a deeper level, more reflective and at times a little emotional. I think it really works for him and we are very glad we found you!

Karma Kids Mum Review - Child age 5


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