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Post-natal Services

"Write on your mirror:
'I had a baby, I'm a superhero.'"
-Kelly Rowland

Not long ago I was where you are now and know how challenging it can be.


The baby is here, you are overjoyed and in love but also utterly overwhelmed, exhausted and no longer feel in the driving seat of your body.


 I have had the back ache, hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and ab separation and found ways to heal, thrive and get stronger than I was pre-pregnancy and I know you can too!

The class involves gentle postnatal exercises, focusing especially on the abdominal area, pelvic floor and posture as well as stretches and massage for baby.


We advance week on week and once ready we progressively load the core to strengthen and regain full functionality.


Classes are very relaxed you can stop to feed, change or hug baby anytime. Baby can be as involved as you wish in the poses and you will always get a welcome smile, snack and hot drink and be given time to meet and bond with other mums and babies. 


Classes will be fully equipped with mats and props for you and baby but if preferred please bring your own baby mat and toys. 


Classes are suitable from when you get your six week check up to when you have a walker!

What to Expect


Taking care of a baby and neglecting yourself can affect both your mood and hormones. Yoga can build self-esteem, increase confidence and help calm and relax your mind and body thus soothing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Re-align & Restore

Correct your posture and re-align your body. Strengthen and tighten abdominal and hip muscles, restore and nourish the internal organs and relieve back pain whilst you strengthen and stretch the lower back, whole core and pelvic floor

Supportive Community

Participating in yoga classes can ease loneliness and provide an environment for group healing, bonding and support.

Kate is an extremely knowledgeable and gentle yoga teacher. She makes each class so chilled and fun and makes sure everyone is at ease. Her post natal mum and baby yoga class is a fab start to the week!! Xx

Rachel Jeans, postnatal yoga

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