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I have started Lockdown v2 with major overwhelm.

Interesting when round 1 for me was all 'take the bull by the horns' and craft and cook Covid away.

This time, I don’t have the kids, they are at school or playgroup most days and so now I have time… you’d think. But as any mum will tell you by the time you clean, hoover, cook, sort washing and shower yourself it is almost time to leave the house and get them. So here I am wondering whether to launch of YouTube or find a new niche and new business altogether and my head is going to explode!!

So I’ll give you the advice I gave my best mate and gave myself… baby steps.

Write a huge list of all that needs doing to prep yourself for end of year or to start 2021 with a bang and then cross out anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Then focus on each one baby steps at a time. For me the list is very much focused on sorting the house and getting rid of things as well as sorting my business. As a massive hoarder (I keep anything that is connected to memories and emotions) that is a HUGE task. And having too much stuff surrounding you suffocates you and makes your head feel busy too.

But Sunday I listened to a podcast, went for a run and came back and listened to something else motivating as I tackled two kitchen drawers. I hate tidying, but felt so much better once some level of organisation was added to these rarely organised dumping devices. One drawer at a time...

Same goes for the rest. Book stack got out of control so I got and made a bookshelf and now have sorted them into categories and everything seems more handle-able.

But my one biggest take away, is whatever you do, do it fully!

For clarity of heart and mind, clean up your life. Just one drawer, one thing at a time.

Soon things will seem clearer and you will se the wood for the trees. I promise.

With love,

Kate x


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