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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Pregnancy Recommendations

Delighted by your baby and utterly in love  but overwhelmed and feeling like your body  does not belong to you. 

You think there’s no time for self-care as  you focus on baby but there are a few little ways you  can add moments of calm to your day.


This  Postpartum Plan lays a solid foundation for  aiding in YOUR adjustment to motherhood. It  is helpful for first time mums, and also useful  to those who have been through a rough  transition the first time around and feel a bit  anxious about doing it again. 


Consider this YOUR birth plan.  You too are being born. 

Newborn's Care

Your Postnatal Plan

I had a positive birth experience with both my children and particularly my son Otto, which I would largely attribute to the preparatory measures that I took and the amount of yoga I did.


In the below guide I share with you some important tips and techniques that I found useful during both my pregnancies.


What I wish for all my mums is prehab over rehab and prevention over intervention so they feel empowered and in control throughout their pregnancy and childbirth.


Download the guide below to feel more empowered and less overwhelmed.

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