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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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Our lovely Reviews

Thank you everyone who's left a review so far! Kate xx

"Really enjoy Kate’s classes in her home studio, you’re always welcomed with a warm smile and Kate’s very knowledgeable and good at adapting the lessons so they fit the needs of the students at the same time as ensuring we’re all challenged at our own level. Always leave the studio happy and more grounded"

Helle, Intermediate Adult Class

I have loved Monday mornings with you- has always felt just like a big hug and a lovely start to the week..."

SP, Postnatal Mum and baby yoga classes

“Kate is an amazing teacher. I'm a beginner and she has so much patience and explains and demonstrates so well! She made me feel at ease and confident in her classes and can have a giggle with you too."

Rachel, Beginner Adult Yoga Class

"I have been doing yoga with Skelyoga for 6 months and this has been my first introduction to yoga. I love it and am a complete convert. The classes are small and feel very personal. Her studio at home is intimate and calming. Definitely recommend."

Jenny, Beginner Adult Class

"In the short time that he's been coming to your sessions the difference when he comes out is so very noticeable, its actually quite amazing! He's so relaxed and talks about things on a deeper level, more reflective and at times a little emotional. I think it really works for him and we are very glad we found you!"

Karma Kids Mum Review, Child age 5

“Penelope loves her classes.  She talks about the different theme each week and she shows me her yoga poses at home which she does proudly!  She is excited every Thursday when she asks if it’s a yoga day!"

Karma Kids Mum Review, Child Age 4

"Brilliant mum and baby yoga class. Kate is always happy to hold a baby to make sure you can make the most of the class - and I always feel so much better for taking the time for myself (and my daughter also enjoys it). Highly recommend."

Rebeccca Galea, Postnatal mum and baby yoga class

"Kate is an extremely knowledgeable and gentle yoga teacher. She makes each class so chilled and fun and makes sure everyone is at ease. Her post natal mum and baby yoga class is a fab start to the week!! Xx"

Rachel Jeans, postnatal  mum and baby yoga class

"Kate is an inspiring yoga teacher in Pangbourne and has a lovely home studio where you're made to feel so welcome.   Kate also offers classes in and around Berkshire.  Kate teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. I feel safe …"

A Mitchell, Group adult class

"Kate is all you could want from a yoga teacher. She‘s extremely qualified and has an in depth knowledge of anatomy which really helps in making adjustments to poses to check you’re doing them correctly and to feel the maximum benefit. Her classes are nurturing and fun; a peaceful space to take time out for yourself on your mat. I always come out feeling reset, recharged and ready to re-emerge back into the world! My daughter (4) loves Kate’s children’s classes. They are a great introduction to yoga in a fun and playful way."

Hannah Lee, group adult class and Karma kids

“Kate is a fantastic find! My local mummy group needed some postnatal yoga and she provided some excellent, warm, friendly and well-delivered classes. Lots of lovely perks, e.g. food, tea, poems, toys for babies etc. Wonderful!"

Alex D, Postnatal mum and baby yoga

“I highly recommend SkelYoga, I’ve been attending weekly yoga sessions with for almost 2 years now and I look forward to it as my most-needed self-care time every week. Kate is a highly qualified professional that teaches yoga with joy and respect, showing you different perspectives to the poses and explaining their reasons behind them and the effect on your body. She adapts the sessions to our needs and proposed several arrangements in case we want to push a bit further. Her sessions really allow you to focus on yourself, your breath and you finish with a sensation of complete renovation and energy to tackle the rest of the week. She has created a nice community of yogi working parents. She has also introducing my children (2 and 4 yo) to yoga in a wonderful and joyful way. My girls love Kate, her stories around yoga poses, games, and stories. They are focused and follow the whole session with interest and fun. Really recommend her Karma kids sessions too!!"

Julia Rodriguez Garcia, Adult yoga class and Karma kids

"Wonderful classes! Kate’s a great teacher, who makes me feel very comfortable. Her yoga classes have really helped me to de stress at the end of the day - I look forward to them every week! Love the zoom option too as it means I can do the class in the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about a babysitter. Thank you Kate! Xx"

Kathryn Maunder-Hand, Adult online classes

"Kate provided me with a wonderful and patient introduction to yoga . Our sessions were so utterly tailored to what I was after, it seemed that what I wanted was always a breath away. Kate's joyous, relaxed and expert attitude guided me through the learning process, leaving me yearning for more at the end of each session. Thank you Kate for opening such a wonderful world to me!"

Konstantin Danos, Adult 1:1

"Kate led an amazing session for brownies over zoom. We travelled around the world doing different yoga poses for each location. It was brilliant fun for both the girls and the leaders! Would definitely recommend Kate!"

Aisling Bridger (local Brownies leader), Karma kids

"Have been doing yoga with Kate for a while now, and have noticed a big difference with my balance and aches and pain. Kate is such a great teacher and very patient. she make's it so easy to follow and sometimes fun.🤣🤣"

Tina Taylor, Online adult class

"Kate is a wonderful yoga instructor, knowledgable and welcoming. Great environment and enjoyable sessions."

Kayleigh Potter, Regular adult class

"Wonderful combination of workout and relaxation which is the calm spot of my week!  Kate manages to cater for all abilities, no pressure at all to try anything beyond your skill and at the same time offers ways to progress.  I've noticed the difference in the shape of my body and strength day to day. Moving online for COVID has also worked amazingly well and now it's even easier never to miss a week."

Susan T, Online and in person adult class

"Kate is a wonderfully calming, kind and highly knowledgable yoga teacher. I've attended both her pregnancy and vinyasa flow sessions, in person and virtually, and found them invaluable and a joy to attend!"

Katharine Shaw, in person adult class

"The favourite part of my mat leave week"

Stef, Mummy and baby yoga class

"Kate is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has incredible knowledge and expertise in yoga and imparts this knowledge in a warm, clear and direct manner that puts you at ease instantly.

Yoga does not come naturally to me at all, but her classes always include great demonstrations, relaxation techniques and options for every level in the room. You also notice demonstrable improvements week on week."

Hanny Knapp, in person and online adult class

"I've been in and out of various yoga studios over the years and I can honestly stay I have stayed with Kate the longest. Her down to earth nature and sense of humour combined with her excellent knowledge of movements, postures and breathing are fantastic. I have started with Kate doing antenatal yoga and hope to continue after my baby is born."

Kayt Read, In person adult class

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