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My Best Moments

As a mum, some of my main frustrations and happiest times arise from spending time with my children.

Parenting is a tough gig, that is the truth. There, I said it. But it is also a huge GIFT.

And daily I am reminded that these little creatures that sometimes take all you've got, fill your cup immensely on other days and force you to be mindful. How can you be anywhere else when a two year old is asking never ending questions about their surroundings? Or having a meltdown? Or wanting a cuddle? You cannot possibly be anywhere else. You get down to their level, get stuck in answering questions, meeting their needs and truly enjoy every second through the eyes of your child. They are my best teachers, my best guides, my most accomplished mindfulness mentors.

Whether you have kids or not, consider this...

At work, at home, during lunch, your morning coffee... How often are you REALLY present? Oftentimes, whatever you do you are not really there, your mind is somewhere else and that’s why you are missing out on life. That’s why happiness slips away from you. Happiness is right here and now inside of you and outside of you and all over and all around you – you are just not here to experience it!

If we look at our own experiences of happiness we see the same thing… think about the happiest moments of your life, or any happy moment… what was the state of your mind at that time? At that time you were totally there. You didn’t think about other things, you didn’t want other things – you were mindfully present. You were happy!

At other times, when our mind is all over, this happiness slips away… so the secret of happiness is simple – just be here and now like a child. Unwavering curiosity of your present moment. That's all we have any power over the here and now.

With love,

Kate x


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